When you are browsing this web-page, the computer system of the Education Fund (mentioned below as EF) will automatically have your personal data recorded, including: internet zone, IP address, and region; time and date of browsing (beginning and ending); web-pages browsed; super-links and zones.

In accordance with the Law no. 8 / 2005, 《Personal Data Protection Act》, EF has the right to verify the personal information of the registrant when necessary, by any attempts including information interchange. When acts constitute legal offences (such as attacking the web-site), EF will take action and provide the recorded data to law enforcement authorities. They will then use the data for investigation to track down the offender.

You are welcome to make enquiries via email: aeees@dsedj.gov.mo. Please note that, on the open network, you run a certain risk of having the information, including the personal data, seen or used by unauthorized third parties. Therefore, EF recommends that, as far as possible, you should use our encrypted channel (https://appl.dsedj.gov.mo/LMSSubsidy/) or methods other than email for information registration and update.